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Couples and families

Within the unique space of therapy and with the help of specific guided interventions, new ways of relating will become possible, offering the family or couple new opportunities for greater intimacy and positive change .

Why can Counselling be so important ?

Often embedded within a relationship can be habitual , long term and unhealthy patterns of behaviour .


This can originate within this relationship or can unconsciously be projected into it from previous relationships......even as far back as childhood.


In the presence of an experienced therapist it can be possible to see more clearly the 'story line ' that repeatedly plays out , the origins , causes and reasons why change appears to be so difficult .


We will together try to understand why the story line is so conflicting and to together begin to introduce new healthy and rewarding relational foundations.


We will be looking at the usual communication styles, how you manage life challenges and the feelings you each have within the relationship , particularly at times of stress or anxiety .