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How will I know if counselling is for me ?

It will begin with a consultation.

This can be booked by calling/contacting me direct .

An initial consultation will take between 1 - 1.5 hours.

The consultation will give you time to meet me, find out about counselling/ psychotherapy and most importantly to begin the process of talking openly & freely about what troubles you.

At that point, if you feel comfortable and wish to progress, we can agree on further sessions, a frequency and number that will be appropriate and comfortable for you.

Where will the therapy take place ?

Whether it be in Lisbon or at my private practice in Cascais , there will be a peaceful, comfortable and discrete place for you to talk.

If required, sessions can take place at your home .

Family and ' partners' - can they be involved ?

Yes. In some situations having a family member or partner present can be extremely helpful to the process. The final decision would of course be yours.

How can I make an appointment ?

To make an appointment you can contact the numbers indicated on the Contact / How to find me page , email me or you can also leave a message if I am unable to speak to you directly.

Either way, I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can send an email, which is completely confidential to christhomas@talk2mecp.com

If you need a more urgent response you can call me direct on +351 912 071 462

How long do sessions last ?

Individual : 55 minutes

Couple /family: 55- 90 Minutes 

How often do I need to come ?

This will depend of course on your circumstances & need but in most cases especially at the beginning of the therapy, once per week is recommended.

Naturally the space between sessions will be mutually agreed and can be reviewed at regular intervals.